Hi, and welcome!

My name is Olivier Simard-Casanova, I’m a PhD student in economics, a writer, a podcaster, a vlogger, a data enthusiast, a speaker – among many other things. I currently live in France, but I’m actively looking for a content developer/writer job in the US.

I love explaining complicated stuff simply, while trying to retain the maximum of the subject’s underlying complexity. I see oversimplifying as an insult, if not a danger.

I’m mostly known for my websites The Signal, in French and in English. They are intended to explain the world with the help of (social) sciences, mostly economics (but not only). I do a lot of data journalism, for instance I aggregated the polls regarding the (insane) 2017 French Presidential Election in DataPol (in French). I run a montly-ish podcast called Carnets d’Économistes, where researchers can present their work for an hour (in French). I also run regular Facebook Live videos, on hot topics like the 2016 US Presidential Election or the 2017 French one (in French). I give speeches, mostly to explain economics to a non-specialist audience, for instance this one (in French, following an invitation by the University of Lorraine).

During my PhD (I hope to defend it in the next few months), I did theoretical economics, experimental economics, econometrics and agent-based modelling. I taught economics, statistics and mathematics at the University of Strasbourg (Faculty of Economics, 3 years) and at the University of Lorraine (engineering graduate school Mines Nancy for 2 years, and at the Faculty of Economics for a semester). You can find my detailed academic resume here.

This blog is intended to publish more personal stuff, like pictures I take or music I’d love to share with you.